Saturday, February 2, 2008

HAPPY Little Girl

I loved making and playing with paper dolls when I was a little girl and had a huge collection that never failed to hold my interest and give me and my friends hours of fun. That probably explains why I am having so much fun participating in a yahoo group which has its sole focus the making and swapping of paper art dolls. The women in this group are amazing, let me tell you, and create flat out georgous works of art in doll form. There are two themed swaps each month. One features dolls which are ATC size, and this has posed an interesting challenge for me as I was not accustomed to creating dolls that small. January's theme was "Wings," which proved to be great fun. I created "Ms. Muse-ic" and "Linda Leaf" and mailed them out this week to their intended recipient. The second January theme was "Snowmen/Women/Children" which gave me the perfect opportunity to work with micro mini beads, one of my new favorite art supplies, to create a sparkly body edged in sequins. She has also gone into the mail, and my hope is all three dolls will find loving homes and bring joy to their new owners. There's no doubt that creating dolls hooks into my inner child and brings a welcome touch of youth and fun into my "adult" world.