Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Alteredartswap Tip In Journal

High on my list of favorite art activities in 2008 is the Tip In Journal Project in one of my very favorite goups, alteredartswap.

In February I created a spread for Judy Evitt's "White Rabbit," Jefferson Airplane's version of Alice in Wonderland. GREAT fun!! For the background I chose alcohol inks on glossy photo paper to achieve a "psychedelic" look. I added to that the funkiest, wildest images I could find. The results, as we said in the 60's, are "cool, man," in my opinion. These pages definitely allowed me to stretch my creativity and achieve a look quite different from my usual. That's one of the greatest values to me of swaps and mingles; they spur us to try new ideas and gain varied perspectives

My March pages are for Tamara Comerford and took me in a completely different direction than Judy's. Tamara and her husband have recently purchased their first home, and her chosen theme is "Home Sweet Home" in shades of red. I experimented with and discarded half a dozen ideas before my muse finally whispered "Quilts." Being a born and raised Kentuckian and having spent many years in the Appalachian Mountain region of the state, I have long had great appreciation and affection for the works of art created by the women of the region through their quiltmaking. I chose the Log Cabin pattern for Tamara's spread and pieced together a minature fabric square to center one page. For the other page I found a poem which compares the warmth and comfort of a quilt with those qualities in families.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Don't send that Ransom!!!

I've been away from this blog for a full month. Shame on me! No, I wasn't kidnapped, just inordinately busy and to tell you the truth, pretty much forgot about my blog. I'm back and it's catch up time.

February was full of interesting projects that kept me hopping. Pictured above are the cards I made for a Vintage Card/Postcard Swap being hosted by Lenna Andrews. Lenna's swaps are always cream of the crop experiences, so I put tons of time into the creation of my vintage pop up cards. Lots of cutting, trimming, positioning. I'm hoping the swap participants who receive these will be pleased.