Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Fairy Slippers Project

The Paper Whimsy Group hosts so many fantastic projects, all of which challenge me to try new techniques and continue to grow as an artist. That has certainly been the case with their Fairy Slippers Project hosted by Carol Stocker. Because I'm not as comfortable working with fabric as I am with paper, sewing the tiny 3 inch long slippers pushed me a bit, but after a few bungled tries I managed to stitch my black velvet slippers successfully. I then added shiny red and gold beads, so close together that little of the velvet is left exposed. To say I was crosseyed for days from all that intricate beading is absolutely accurate.
The next stage of the project was to create a display box, etc. to house the little wonders. I worked with a wooden frame which I painted black and to which I attached a minature treasure chest I had created. I stamped and embossed in gold a ship's wheel and anchor, and hidden in my supply stash I found an old cabinet card of a young boy to which I added wings and a pirate's hat.
My slippers are for Moni the Pirate Fairy, a mischevious little guy who lives in the billowing sails of a pirate ship and has become fabulously wealthy from his share of the pirates' treasures.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Six Word Memoir

Can you tell your life story in 6 words? That is the challenge posed to me by the fabulous Carol Stocker, and quite a challenge it turned out to be. Carol had been challenged by the equally fabulous Theresa Martin, and this thought provoking little exercise is appearing on a number of the blogs which I visit frequently, so many in fact that I'm not able to pass the challenge on, as suggested, because all my blog buddies have already been challenged and have posted their six word life stories. After MUCH thought, here's mine.


Those words encapsulate "why" I think we're all here on planet earth and "what" we are supposed to be doing throughout our lives. The words also reflect my greatest joy.

I chose the spiral as my visual representation of the words as that ancient form symbolizes to me the unending cycle of learning and self growth.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Love Pods

One of my favorite things as a child was playing with clay. If no clay was available, mud worked pretty well. Evidently whatever hooked me on that creative medium years ago is still alive and well because I've had great fun working with Sculpty recently. I'm creating Love Pods, minature faces enfolded in the petals of a flower pod. I love the feel of the Sculpty in my hands, being able to shape and fashion it, applying pearly powders, popping it in the toaster oven and, viola, a cute little pod is born.

Monday, April 7, 2008

White Quilties and White Bradford Pear Trees

Joy! Joy! Springtime has FINALLY returned to the Bluegrass State. Outside my art room window the row of Bradford Pear tress which line the road up the hill to my home are in full and glorious bloom. Oh my goodness! A beautiful sight for tired by winter eyes.

The trees remind me of the fabric art pieces I created for Lenna Andrews' White Quilties Swap. If you're interested you can check out all the entries at Fabric in not a medium in which I frequently work, but these quilties were great fun to create, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process.